I want a lawyer

When I got in an automobile accident a few months ago, I knew that I was going to be in for some trouble. The wreck wasn’t my fault, but the person who hit me didn’t have car insurance. This was a mess because my car was totaled. My insurance didn’t cover all of the damage and my related medical bills, so I had to take the person to court. First, I had to consult with a personal injury lawyer. After doing so, I found that I had a strong case, so I decided to pursue it. While I sure didn’t revel in the idea of having to do this, I had a lot of bills on my hands that needed to be paid, and I was in no place to handle them myself, especially when the accident wasn’t my fault. The lawyer I hired had a lot of great advice for me, and I’m so glad that I sought out her help. During this tough time, I would have been lost if not for her guidance. The case is still ongoing, but I feel quite confident that we will be able to have the person who was responsible for the accident pay for the damages and medical bills. On our big court date, my lawyer will have to argue my case against the defense attorney of the person I am suing. I am really looking forward to having this whole ordeal behind me. I hate being entwined in legal issues, and I am ready to have everything solved and settled.

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