I truly love to relax

After some setbacks, a delay getting our rental car, and a lengthy drive from the airport I didn’t notice much about my sister’s home when I arrived. I was just ready to take a hot shower and go to sleep. So, when I got up in the morning and put my bare feet on the floor, I was pleasantly surprised at how warm the floor was. For a second, I thought something was wrong like that there was fire downstairs. Then I thought it must be her heated floors. I went to the kitchen and noticed that all of the floors were heated as I walked through the house. My sister was standing barefoot in the kitchen brewing coffee and it was well below freezing outside. Yet, the floors were so warm and delightful that I wanted to lie down and doze. I asked her about the heated floor and she said that she had them installed when the house was built. The heating under the floors actually was the only heating. I was confused at that. I thought heated floors were something you get to complement a regular furnace but my sister said that it worked like a giant heat mat quite effectively for the whole house. She also went on to say that there was a thermostat in each individual room so I could control how it felt in each room as well. I was tickled it. My sister and I traveled a lot and saw a lot of sites, while I was in town, but I always loved just relaxing in her warm house. I didn’t want to depart when it was time for me to head home.

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