I truly knew what I wanted

Listening to 1 of our customers the other afternoon I felt care about she had been through the impossible.  I have heard our share of horror stories as a case worker however this 1 took the cake. She is low income, trying to raise several youngsters, and struggles just to pay the rent each week.  The two of us set her up with as several services as every one of us could to help make ends meet however this meeting left myself and others dumbfounded. She told myself and others that she had no water in her home for several weeks and that her heat was only laboring periodically.  As soon as she told myself and others that I called our director to see what action could be taken. As a property owner it is your responsibility to keep up with your property. The two of us l received with just a few calls that the water had been shut off due to non payment and this was the full responsibility of the owner.  After speaking to this person, every one of us also l received that she easily had no intention of having the HVAC plan inspected. She said it worked good and that the renter was just needy. Yes, in fact she was! But not in the way she meant. I set about finding her temporary housing that was clean, warm, and in her budget. The two of us found some volunteers to transfer her and filed a judgement against the owner of the other building.  She lost all assistance payments for rent that the government was paying and was added to a list of slumlords in the area. Just because someone has little income is not a reason to deprive them of basic human needs. Heat in the winter, especially with small children, can be a life saving item.

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