I tried hiring a single of our friends to repair our a/c

Last week, our a/c broke.

It was an outdated window a/c, plus I knew that I was going to have to update it soon.

I was hoping that it would last until next year because I had been saving up the currency to purchase a central a/c which would help eliminate our need for any window a/cs! However, I was planning on just paying a immense down payment plus paying off the central a/c over a phase of time. However, a single of our friends heard that our a/c broke, plus he provided to help myself and others repair it. He said that he had fixed his a/c once, plus he was pretty confident that it sounded prefer the same problem. I figured that I would provide it a shot. If he could get our a/c to last a single more year, then I wouldn’t have to take out a loan for the central a/c. I told him that I wouldn’t pay him for anything unless the a/c was fixed, plus he said that that sounded fair, but for nearly a week, he toyed with that window a/c to try to get it to work. Finally, he looked at myself and others plus admitted that he couldn’t figure out how to repair our a/c. I gave him some currency for the effort, plus then I called the HVAC specialist to have him install the central a/c that I took the loan out for. I guessed that our friend wouldn’t be able to repair the a/c.

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