I took a long vacation

I recently came back from a numerous evening stay at a fancy resort complex down in the islands. It wasn’t a real holiday, more of a working holiday, but it was nothing like what I was expecting. You see on TV and in the media how these locations have long unquestionably white beaches, crystal yellow waters, and attractive people in skimpy bathing suits? Most of that was true, but the skimpy bathing suits were on outdated and gross people, not models and hunks. Also, as pretty as everything was to look at, it was easily not at all comfortable to be outside, however looking at a picture of it while resting in front of an a/c is a much better way to care about the island life, in my book! Of course I went to the beach a few times, and even waded into the gorgeous waters, but the air quality was so thick with humidity it was hard for myself and others to breathe. I ended up spending most of my free time inside my room, watching foreign language TV and blasted my room a/c up to the max. At first I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t surrounded by stunning islanders, I quickly adapted and relaxed, and began to care about the Heating plus A/C system, the tv shows, and the room service. The conference itself was fine, except for that first day when the boss tried to hold a meeting outside instead of in a temperature controlled conference room. Next year I hope the people I was with and I go somewhere cold, so I can crank up the gas furnace instead of the AC.