I told the HVAC technician he could talk to the landlord about an HVAC system maintenance plan

Something I have learned over the years is to follow your gut.

When you get into something and it doesn’t feel right, you shouldn’t proceed with whatever it is.

I went through this experience not too long ago when I moved to a new location. I ended up calling for HVAC system maintenance because the HVAC system was in terrible shape. I initially tried to work with the landlord to take care of the problem, but he seemed that he could care less. So I decided to take things into my own hands and I figured I would just subtract my expenses from the rent. I’m sure the landlord would be angry when the costs were deducted for HVAC services, but he had plenty of opportunity to take care of the complication with the HVAC system. I was documenting everything so I would be prepared to go to court if I had to. When the HVAC worker arrived and worked on the HVAC, he kept telling me about their HVAC system maintenance plans. While they sounded like a great deal and all, this wasn’t even my home and I didn’t really want to get into some contract with some HVAC company I had no experience with. He kept pressuring me to sign up for the HVAC system maintenance plan and I told him he would have to take it up with the landlord. I even gave him the number for the landlord so he could call him directly. Perhaps I would get an HVAC system maintenance plan if I was the homeowner, but until that time, it’s not my problem.



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