I tinkered with the system

We have such long winters in our area that you would think that I would be excited about spring cleaning, well I am not!. I hate cleaning. I’m just not a naturally tidy person although, I do enjoy it when the house is clean. I’m simply incapable of maintaining it that way all the time. I’d much rather have someone else come in and manage my daily vacuuming, dusting, and general clean up if I could afford it. That’s why I dread the onset of Spring each year, when the time for deep cleaning quickly approaches and I have no way to escape it. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a few mornings of warm and sunny weather, and then locking yourself in the house to clean up a winters worth of messes. I can’t handle the idea of being trapped inside a musty and stale house, while looking out the windows to see brilliant sunlight and warm breezes. The only thing that helps me tackle the days of scrubbing and cleaning is the fact that I have a whole house ventilation system that draws in the fresh air from the open windows and expels the stale air outside. We had the system put in a few years ago when we came to the conclusion that a new HVAC system with air conditioning was too costly.  This Whole-House Fan gives us the opportunity to draw in the cooler clean air and the powerful fans suck up the stale air into the attic. We have large roof vents that then deposit the stale hot air out into the atmosphere. It’s not a perfect system, however at least the whole-home fan improves the air quality quickly so we can do our cleaning sounded by new, fresh air.

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