I thought that I wanted a wood burning fireplace in my house, but I was mistaken

For years and years, my husband and I had been looking for a house.

It is not that we did not like the house that we were living in, it is just that it was a little too big for just the two of us.

All of our children had moved out, and there was no sense in us having a five bedroom three bathroom house for just the two of us. We finally found a house that we both really liked, so we bought it. One of the things that I have always wanted in my house is a wood burning fireplace. I love the smell of fireplaces, and I told my husband that having a fireplace was one of my priorities when were looking for a new house. He tried to convince me that I probably would not really like it in the long run because it was messy and a lot of work to keep up with, but I was convinced that I would love having a fireplace in my house. Well, we bought our new house, and it has a wood burning fireplace in the living room. It is the main source of heat for the house, which means we have to make sure that it is constantly burning during the winter months. My husband chops all the wood from our woods outback, and I usually make sure that the fire is kept up with. I wish so badly that I would have listened to my husband because I hate having a fireplace. It is too much work to keep up with, and it also makes quite a mess at times. My husband was so right, but it is too late now, so I guess I am stuck with my fireplace for the time being.


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