I think my wife is telepathic

I don’t know if my wife is telepathic or what, but she always seems to know exactly what I’m thinking.

Whenever I’m about to say something, she often answers before I say a word.

It’s like she just looks at me and knows precisely what I’m about to say. It doesn’t seem fair because I’m not always able to tell what she is thinking, even though we have been together for a number of years. Like when I am about to tell her that I am going to hang out with some friends of mine, before I say anything, she says to have a good time with my buddies and to make sure to call when I am gone. Whenever I’m about to let her know that I’m going to call the HVAC company to get our HVAC system maintenance, she’ll stop me and say she knows we need to get that HVAC system maintenance. Even the other day, I wanted to tell her I was thinking about upgrading our HVAC system to radiant heated floors and I wanted to know what she thought about it. Again, I didn’t even say anything, she gave me a look and said she thought it was a great idea to upgrade our HVAC to radiant heated floors. She said she heard radiant heated floors are extremely comfortable and highly energy efficient. I told her she needed to stop doing that because it really freaked me out. She smiled and apologized and said she couldn’t help the fact that she had a gift. We were both really happy when we got our new radiant heated floors installed.

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