I think my pipes may give me an issue

I live in the Northwest with my husband and winters here can get quite cold. Not as cold as the east coast, of course, but we do get our share of snow, ice and subfreezing temperatures. The cabin that we bought up here has two heating options: it has a central furnace hooked up to the HVAC system and it has a nice big fireplace in the living room. Where we are located, gas is expensive but firewood is dirt cheap. For this reason, we primarily use the fireplace to keep warm. However, we also set the thermostat to about 60 degrees just incase the fire goes out at night and to keep the house comfortable while we are away. There is something cosey about a real wood fireplace that heats up the entire house. If we come in from the rain and our shoes are all wet, we just set them in front of the fireplace  and they are dry within an hour. If one of us is too hot, we just move further away from the hearth. Too cold? Move closer to the hearth. In this way, we are both always comfortable. I honestly love chopping firewood too; it is such a good work out and watching the logs burn is hypnotizing. There is just something primitive and charming about a good old fashioned fireplace that simply can’t be replaced by imitators. Even if gas was cheaper than wood, I still would like to use my fireplace over the gas furnace, it is just that nice. I actually look forward to winter every year because it mean I get to use it.

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