I suddenly want to call the HVAC dealership

it makes me absolutely exhausted when I think about how many advertisements I run into on a daily basis.

I can’t help but wonder how many subliminal messages are working their way into my brain that I might not even recognize. It’s inescapable at this point. When I went to a baseball game this past month, for instance, I had seen the most unproper stuff going on within the scoreboard and the advertisements there. They usually run basic advertisements between displaying the updated scoreboard. But this time at the game I was seeing basically non stop ads for assorted heating & A/C system companies Mormon the score! The heating & A/C system companies being featured on the message board were unusual heating & A/C system companies gathered from all over the state! This is what made everything so unusual, I thought. Why were they advertising heating & A/C system companies that were not even present in the local area? I could understand if all the displayed heating & A/C system ads were from unusual heating and cooling companies here around the city. However with them being from across the state and Beyond it was a undoubtedly unusual thing indeed. I suppose all these random heating & A/C system companies had paid extremely nice money to advertise to the public at the baseball game. This was not small time baseball…this was the majors playing here! I figured, these heating & A/C system companies must have spent a whole ton of advertising money. I don’t know if this will be a routine fixture at baseball games from now on, but I am tempted to go home and arrange a professional HVAC appointment.

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