I still think this is a good idea

When summer comes to our area, you have no real clue what is going to happen. The springtime is rather mercurial, with temps ranging from fifty to eighty or so. When summer arrives, you don’t really know if it will be in the seventies or in the nineties. I do love living here, no matter what the weather may be. Our home has a wonderful heating unit but lacks a real air conditioning unit. We do have a couple of window air conditioners, though. There is one in our bedroom and another one in the kitchen. Although we don’t have more than those two air conditioners, our home is always cool during the summer. I usually don’t even use the air conditioning until the middle of June. Until then, the nights are relatively cool, so you can open the windows and sleep comfortably. Once the air conditioner goes into your window, you no longer have the option of sleeping with the breeze blowing in. The window air conditioning equipment takes up most of the space. My hubby and I have talked about installing central A/C, but it worries us because of the weather conditions where we live. Honestly, we don’t have a place where the air conditioning equipment would be sheltered from the inclement weather. Our house is surrounded by tall trees, you see, which does provide some cover, but during the winter there is always a deep cover of snow. I’m thinking that we’ll probably be using the window air conditioners until they simply stop working. And then we’ll just buy up-to-date ones, unless they no longer make them of course. But I sincerely hope that never actually happens.

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