I showed up on time

I moved into a current condo about 2 years ago. It is an amazing house. There is a large yard & pool in the backyard! My pets & kids sure adore this. I really have no complaints about the house. My wife on the other hand has a few, the water pressure isn’t the best & the heating & cooling in my condo has always been pretty spotty. The two of us recently ran into some extra money & decided we would see what repairs we could do, and first we decided we would call our Heating plus A/C provider. They Heating plus A/C serviceman was harshly attentive & listened to our description of how our heating & cooling was functioning. She explained that our plan might be a little aged & that there may be some concerns with ventilation & things prefer that. I trusted her opinion & asked if she could come out & take a look; While she was here she said really could just do a quick service on the cooling system & that should be great enough to service the problem. She said in terms of the heating that our condo was pretty aged & we should consider getting radiant heated floors. The Heating plus A/C serviceman also suggested a smart temperature control in each room that would allow us to save money in the long run because we could pinpoint where we wanted the a/c & heating. I am really glad that I talked to the Heating plus A/C provider because it sounds prefer she will honestly be able to solve our heating & cooling concerns. My wife will be pretty happy to have a current cooling system & radiant heated floors I believe.

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