I shouldn’t have put this off

This upcoming week, I’m taking the gang on a camping trip. Having been thinking about what was needed to for the trip, I remembered how last time, most of us were chilly! This is why I decided to pick up a portable Heating and A/C unit! With this little portable Heating and A/C unit, I am able to keep the tent warm in the night, and if the two of us are inside the tent during the day, the two of us can use the portable Heating and A/C unit to cool it down. It’s such a convenient piece of equipment! I love that I can just changing the temperature control to the exact settings to make most people completely comfortable! I also made sure the two of us had all the gear the two of us needed, such as our fishing poles and bait! My boys absolutely love when we get to go fishing, and the campground has a nice lake to fish in. I can’t wait to get out there and just have a real good old time. I also remembered to get was the insect repellent plus the citronella candles. I absolutely do not like mosquitos! I remember the last trip, I was so torn up by those evil things! I even bought a bunch of brands of repellent, just in case some of them don’t work so well. I will figure out which works best, one way or another! So on the day the two of us headed out to go to the campground, that’s when I remembered that I forgot the portable Heating and A/C unit. My spouse claimed we could go without it, but I said no way! We turned around to grab it, and when the two of us slept in the tent for the first evening, most of us were thoroughly grateful for the temperature control inside of our tent.

A/C unit