I should probably wait a few months

My friends and I don’t prefer having two teach people how to use their furnace and cooling equipment. Every one of my friends and I absolutely work for a multiple area furnace and cooling equipment company. With so many old barns in our neighborhood, there is absolutely a need for licensed furnace and cooling technicians. Most of us fill out five or six calls everyday. There are a ton of furnace and cooling repairs that absolutely require a lot of extra work. My friends and I went to an older place last week, hoping it would be an easy fix to the furnace and cooling component. Unfortunately, even the screws in the furnace and cooling component were rusted inside. It had been an entirely long time since a multiple Services had been performed on this particular furnace and cooling component. Every one of my friends and I thought for sure that this system would need to be replaced. We finally pried open the heating and cooling component, only to find the interior covered in a massive amount of pet hair and debris. Every one of my friends and I contacted the homeowners to have them entirely look through this multiple problem area. We gave them a firm talk about changing out the air filter every month, so they can more easily rely on their furnace and cooling equipment. It took my friend and I 2 full hours, to properly scrub all of the dust and contaminants from the inside of this furnace and cooling component. This type of job should have only taken it multiple minutes, not multiple hours.