I should have known not to buy a film ticket when I saw the Heating & Air Conditioning truck in the parking lot

There’s this new film out that I’ve really been wanting to see, and i have been wanting to see it for the past multiple weeks, however with the holidays and everything going on, I just haven’t had the time to go, however today, I finally had the afternoon free, however the weather was terrible.

It was storming and snowing and the temperature just kept cooing off more and more as the day went on, but I was determined not to miss my opening to see the film so I jumped in the car, turned the car heating system on high, and let the heating vents blow on my frigid hands all the way to the theater. I guess I should have known not to buy a ticket to the film when I pulled into the theater parking lot and saw the commercial Heating & Air Conditioning truck parked by the front doors. It should have been a large signal that maybe today wasn’t the right day to lay through a film, although I bought a ticket anyway, and apparently, the oil furnace in the whole theater was on the baffix and the commercial Heating & Air Conditioning supplier was there trying to get everything back up and in laboring order. The supervisor of the theater assured me that the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier would have their oil furnace fixed up in no time at all, and so I got my ticket and went to settle into my seat in the theater. It was cold in there! I know the temperature couldn’t have been any more than forty degrees in the theater and even though the gas furnace kicked on about halfway through the film, the temperature never did start heating up.

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