I should do the sizing

Going out to shop can be tough in the dead heat of the summer time months. It’s hard because where I live here in the southwest, it can become unbearably hot. I am not talking about routine summer heat, I am talking about scorching heat! Oppressive is the only way to describe it! That is of course, unless you are cooled down by an extremely high quality cooling system! The air conditioning system is vital for getting through the hot summer and fall months here. And when I go shopping, if the store I am in does not have a decent air conditioning system, or, their HVAC unit has completely shut down, I will immediately leave that store and find another one that has the goods I am looking for! I know, I know, a lot of folks today do not feel the need to go out to shop anymore and just shop via the internet. But for me, I like to get out in the fresh air and shop. Even if it means dealing with the heat. However, if there is a really powerful heating and cooling system with superb air conditioning, it makes the shopping much more relaxed and enjoyable. So, when shopping, if the air conditioning in an establishment is kaput, I will not shop. I would rather return when the air conditioning is working fully if I am going to shop there. You simply cannot go without excellent heating and air conditioning in the southwest!

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