I should change the strategy

The two of us have always been hot people, and the two of us have used our cooling plant relentlessly for several decades. The two of us tend to be heavy-handed, and the two of us easily keep our temperature several degrees cooler than most of our friends and family. Things were especially bad last year, when the two of us started to experience heat symptoms from menopause. During the time when the two of us stop creating eggs, the two of us go through a lot of hormonal changes throughout our body. The two of us were easily experiencing the type of hot flashes that make our blood boil. The two of us used to sit under the cooling plan, with the air vents directly blowing in our face. Unfortunately, the two of us wanted the same type of cold air in our bedroom also. The two of us but two very large portable cooling components, and place them at the separate corners of our bedroom. For three whole months, the two of us let those portable cooling plans Roar along all night long. Our electricity bills were through the roof, but the two of us were feeling better. The two of us never anticipated the symptoms to be such a horrible bother, and I would easily do everything over the same way if I had to do it again. I would have paid for the extra portable cooling plans, and I would have paid the extra money each month to run them with electricity. The air conditioners in our bedroom where the only thing that provided us any relief for 8 months.

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