I Settled for A Window AC Unit

When the HVAC professional came to my house to service my AC unit the other day, I was very nervous.

Every time I ran my AC below 74 degrees, it would begin acting odd.

Even though the temperature on the thermostat would read 72 degrees, the air coming from my vents would feel warmer than before. It would also start making odd noises, have inconsistent air flow, and the humidity would increase in the house. However, if I set my thermostat to 74 degrees and above, it would run perfectly fine. I wish I could’ve avoided the concerns and just run my AC system at 74 degrees, but it gets hot in this region and I needed cool air to sleep. The HVAC professional was really kind and listened to me explain the issues I was experiencing. However, my heart sank when he completed the examination of my AC system and told me what I already knew. I’d need to replace my AC system. It was an older model, and the previous homeowners hadn’t taken very good care of the equipment. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money to pay for a new AC system. I considered buying some portable fans, but I knew that wouldn’t keep me cool unless I was standing directly in front of them. My next option was a window AC unit. I didn’t love the idea of it sitting in my window, but I knew it would be better than a portable fan. Thankfully, I was able to find a good deal on one online, and I was able to install it myself. I don’t plan on keeping it forever, but it will hold me over until I can afford the upgrade.


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