I saved enough money

I hate going on road trips with our sibling. She drives myself and others crazy with all of his strange ideas of how trips are supposed to go. She’s kind of a bully as far as wanting to be in charge of everything in the car! She has a actually particular  list of the snacks that are allowed to be eaten in the car – so the car won’t smell, he says. She’s also super picky about the car’s control machine system. She had his car overhauled a couple of years ago, as well as the mechanics re-worked his heating as well as a/c too. So now he wants to be in charge of the heating as well as a/c in the car at all times as well as he doesn’t even want for myself and others to lay a finger on the controls for the heating as well as the A/C, then unfortunately, I get genuinely frigid genuinely easily. I assume it’s because I’m on a couple of kinds of medications that are blood-thinners… They genuinely end up making myself and others feel pretty frigid most of the time, as well as I love to turn the furnace on when I’m in the car. I especially prefer to feel the hot air coming out of the heating vents as well as blowing on our feet. But our sibling gets mad whenever I want the heating on if he thinks it’s stuffy in the car. She just refuses to let myself and others turn on the heating as well as the people I was with and I usually end up getting into a argument halfway into our trip. I don’t love being told what to do, especially when I’m feeling genuinely frigid as well as trapped in car!

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