I relied on the humidifier

I must say, I genuinely enjoyed my anniversary this year! I enjoyed the day so much mostly because of the surprise my fiance and kids got for me. When I was out on a corporation trip, my fiance arranged to have the replacement of radiant radiant floors in the house! I got back in time to celebrate my anniversary, and when my fiance told me to adjust the thermostat, I was impressed because the people I was with and I had a new smart thermostat. This was a section of my present. When I cranked the heat up so it would be nice and toasty, I was amazed that the heat did not push through the HVAC duct care about I was used to, however instead, the heat was radiating up from the floors! I looked at my fiance in shock and asked her if that’s what I thought it was; She said yeah, the radiant radiant floors were a surprise for my anniversary! I couldn’t know the people I was with and I now had radiant radiant floors. It was so comfortable in the home now! Not to mention, the air quality was good because the people I was with and I didn’t have all this air pushing through the dusty HVAC duct. This was a dream come true for me because I wanted radiant radiant floors for a long time. I have consistently told my fiance about them and she said the people I was with and I genuinely needed to save money instead of worrying about upgrading our furnace. Well, finally, after all this time I finally got what I wanted and it was the perfect day! There’s nothing care about unbelievable and seeing football, with my feet feeling nice and toasty!