I really want to make my own choices

Personally, I think my husband may have something wrong with him.  I’ve never seen anyone who enjoys the winter, quite like he does. He really is a winter sports fanatic.  I understand that he used to be active in skiing and snowboarding. I know that he won some junior medals in snowboarding, and that snowmobiling is a passion of his.  I’m okay with all of this, as long as he doesn’t expect me to participate. My idea of having a fun day in the winter, is cuddling up next to the fireplace and reading a good book.  A couple of years ago, we had a freak blizzard that left us with several feet of snow on the ground. Our power went off, and we didn’t have any power for about two weeks. I would have froze to death if I hadn’t had the fireplace.  I had to let the water trickle slowly so we didn’t have our pipes freeze. My husband was anxious for the snow to get deep enough so he could put on his snowshoes and trudge to his friend’s house. They were going to go snowmobiling.  He knew I was okay with the fireplace, and he had a generator to give me some lights, so he went out and played. I know he helped to check for people who didn’t have any heat, but he was really enjoying himself. I think we should move down south so I am always warm, and then he can vacation up north whenever he wants, but I don’t think that will ever happen.

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