I really want a newer air conditioner

Just the other week, I attended a magician’s convention that was being hosted at a absolutely immense convention & event center downtown. Not a lot of people heard of this type convention i’m sure, but I go every single year. This year, I had decided to go now, which was the beginning of the summer season. It’s very hot outside as it is. Outside the convention center, the temperature was in the high nineties & by the time I made it to the convention center, I had sweat dripping from my top hat & our pale white gloves, and when I went inside the immense building, I expected to be met by a nice blast of cold, air-conditioning air. Instead, I walked into a stuffy, sizzling hot building that felt like the inside of a greenhouse. It was not comfortable at all & I couldn’t understand why in the world the event management team had not set the thermostat to a cooler temperature in the building. It was absurdly sizzling hot & stuffy & the closer I got to the conference rooms for the main breakout sessions, the hotter it got. It felt like the place didn’t even have any air conditioning running at all. I peeled off my pale white gloves & took off my top hat, & I felt as if I had been sitting next to a furnace! I started to wonder if, as their next trick, the magicians had decided to make the central air conditioning HVAC unit disappear!

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