I really love this climate

I work as a salesman for this regional office supply corporation. Yet as much as I like the commissions I make from selling products, I have to deal with an insufferable boss that creates endless issues for us… Imagine The Office, however in real life–that’s how it is in our job occasionally – zany, crazy and funny in the wrong way. The best example of this job is when the company had a Christmas celebration several years ago, which was held off company property at a spacious hotel with a grand ballroom. The ballroom was absolutely chic, and all of my co-workers were looking forward to a fun night of dancing, gift giving, and maybe some silliness. That was before our boss foolishly told us all that the hotel bar was open for us–at which point half of the staff was at the bar to order strong drinks… Within an hour, the majority of celebration goers were drunk and dancing up a storm on the dancefloor! That’s when our boss had a moment of clarity, and decided to locate the climate control for HVAC system in the ballroom. He smiled at me as I watched him drop the temperature in the room to sixty degrees and change the setting to “cool”. The A/C systems connected to the room kicked on, and dropped the temperature in the room fairly quick. It wound up being just what the two of us needed, as almost everyone on the dancefloor was kept cool and comfortable, instead of sweating through their clothes. I chose not to partake in the alcohol abuse, as I was not only the designated driver for several coworkers. However, I wanted to people-watch and remember all the foolish things our bosses did at this celebration. Plus, I was actually enjoying the cool air being blown directly onto myself and others from the vent over our head.