I really feel blessed

The holidays are here and that means I’m getting ready for my family get-togethers and dinners. I have always enjoyed my share of turkey and ham. My mom’s famous mashed potatoes are a real treat too. With it getting colder, I can use the few extra pounds to stay warm throughout winter. However, I know the holidays can’t be all fun and games. I know it’s the season of happiness, but that doesn’t mean life will always be perfect. I know there are still things that can happen, and I make sure I am ready for anything. For instance, I make sure my HVAc unit is properly tended to. I try to prevent it ever malfunctioning in a cold spell, and I am sure to have a service technician out during the fall to fix everything up really nice. When he arrives at my home, he does a tune-up on the system and makes sure all is ready for the cold months, and he will also repair or replace any worn out parts. There are many things you can do yourself to ensure your HVAC equipment is fine. The first thing is simple. You need to change out your HVAC system’s air filter. If you have a really clogged filter, the system has to work harder to give you warmth and coolness. Even with all the things you can do yourself for your HVAC system, I find getting a licensed HVAC service technician to come out and work on the unit to be important too.  

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