I really don’t know what to do

It is respectfully Fall plus that means all things Summer have to go. I did all our Fall weather chores. I put all our potted plants in the basement plus outdoor furniture. I also changed over our Summer clothes to Wintertide clothes. Finally, I removed our window air conditioning unit plus brought it up to the attic. The window cooling unit seriously needs someone to take a look at it. The cooling unit is brand up-to-date plus yet worked awful by the end of the Summer. It sounded like a rainforest or gallons of water rushing around in it. I guess it might have been the humidity or the inside of the AC unit was dirty. I entirely should have ripped out our air conditioning, plus then looked inside. I could have deduced if there was mold, dirt or a broken part on our AC unit. Now would be the time to look for a cooling fix. Everyone is focused on heating, there would be no competition for parts or experts. But, I just wanted to get everything done as abruptly as possible. So I just ripped out the unit plus figured next Summer would stink trying to decide what was wrong. The air conditioning unit did get back at myself and others though. It peed all over our rug, feet plus pants. I don’t guess what leaking water from a cooling program means, but it can’t be good. I left a towel underneath it in the attic. Hopefully it does not pee out water all Wintertide plus Springtime. That would be an important sight in the Summer to see.

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