I realized the malfunction

When my partner and I bought our home, the two of us had a absolutely limited budget.  The two of us were newly married, struggling to pay off student loans, and not making much of an income.  Unwilling to waste money on rent, the two of us found a absolutely small house in need of major repairs. Our little house was perfect for us.  The two of us handled the replaces on our own, and ensured that the house was severely energy efficient. The two of us installed Energy Star rated windows, added insulation to the walls, ceilings and attic, and put up ceiling fans.  Because of our efforts and the minimal square footage, the two of us were able to get by with a small furnace and cooling system. Our yearly utility bills were in extravagant, and the two of us kept the apartment at the ideal temperature all year round.  Eight years later, we’d added more than two children and 2 dogs to our family. The two of us were horribly cramped and needed to put on an addition. The addition nearly doubled the size of the home. There was no way the existing furnace and cooling system could handle this larger demand.  Rather than sacrifice the area and invest in a complete duct plan for the addition, the two of us opted to install a multi-split system. The ductless heat pump incorporates a single outdoor compressor linked to more than 2 indoor air handlers. The indoor handlers are compact, lightweight and mount on an exterior wall.  Despite the streamlined design, the heat pump is powerful enough to rapidly heat up or cool down the multiple rooms. The individual air handlers in each room allow customizable temperature control and avoid heating/cooling empty rooms.

heater installation