I purchased a humidifier at last

I had been wanting a humidifier for quite some time, despite the fact that I am an drastic procrastinator, however on top of being a procrastinator, I do not like to spend cash, but i am entirely the saver in my spouse and my relationship… My spouse prefers to spend cash, and I adore to save.

I suppose the people I was with and I balance each other out, but before I met my spouse, I had a concern with saving and saving and never buying what I wanted.

I would find something that I entirely wanted or even needed, and I would save up for it, however once I got the cash, I still would not buy it. It bugged myself and others to buy anything that cost more than twenty dollars. I know that sounds ridiculous, however that is just the way that I think. I had been saving up for a humidifier for over several months, and I had more than enough cash, despite the fact that I still had not purchased it. My spouse kept asking myself and others if I had purchased it yet, and I had to tell him that I hadn’t, and she knew how much I wanted a humidifier for our living room. I had been having trouble with getting sick more often than usual, and I knew that having a humidifier in our living room would help… At the end of last week, my spouse finally told myself and others that she would not eat until I went and purchased the humidifier. She knows how much I adore to feed him, so she knew that by saying she wouldn’t eat, it would make myself and others buy the humidifier. It worked, and I am so glad that she did that.


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