I packed very well

One of our best friends is a particularly talented artist, but he lacks a little proper sense. I often tell him it’s because he gets so focused on his job that often he just doesn’t think outside of it, and that’s fine, it happens to the best us, however, recently he almost made himself sick from it. I had just come back from our shift in the library, when I got a whiff something pungent throughout the house. It smelt like turpentine; My first thought was that maybe one of our neighbors was currently working on a project right outside one of our windows, forcing the fumes to drift into our apartment. I turned on our one air conditioning to fan to just help transfer the fumes out, and went around to see if I could spot the source, then, I did, however it was’t one of our neighbors. It was our roommate, working on a painting with his headphones on. I remembered him saying that morning that he was going to try something traditional with the paints his mom had gotten him for Christmas. Well, he did, but he didn’t suppose that they were oil paints! I had to tap his shoulder to get his attention. His first response was that he must have forgotten to eat, because he felt dizzy. Immediately I ushered him out on the porch. I explained that our home doesn’t have nice enough indoor air conditions for those paints… She would have to paint with those at some other place that had central a/c, or he could try outside on the porch. All of us had to put his paint pallet and his canvas outside and go out for supper while the apartment aired out.