I never ask for money

My oldest kid loves biking. One thing he does is when he gets back, he always needs me to crank up the good old air conditioning system. I don’t mind doing that for him because I actually like the pleasant cooling air myself! I don’t waste too much energy however, so I usually turn up the air conditioning system on the thermostat roughly a minute before he gets back home, however the 1 day he was telling myself and others that we should consider getting a smart thermostat. He said it would be convenient because I’m not always home when he is about to be home, however during those times, he has to turn up the air conditioning system himself however oftentimes I leave the air conditioning system on for him. I realize that is a waste however I don’t want him to suffer when he gets home inside of an overheated house. He said that with the smart thermostat, we would both be able to really control the Heating plus Air Conditioning method from our iPhones or computer. When he told me this, I wasn’t sure I believed him at first. I told him to show it to me on the ipad, so he pulled up the smart thermostats and I learn about them. I couldn’t think both of us would be able to manage our climate control thermostat from our iPhones remotely! I instantaneously called the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to talk to them about installing a smart thermostat!