I needed something better

There’s nothing exactly like a spooky Halloween party! I care about this time of year as it is, since the weather finally cools down, the leaves change, and I can wear a big suit without dripping with perspiration through the clothes! It’s also relaxing because of, well – you guessed it! Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday as I can dress up in what I want, plus no one will say anything besides “cool costume”! While I regularly go for something spooky, my friend alex has this theme every year! Instead of some cool superhero or alarming goblin creature, Jason regularly wears a costume that’s based on someone that played a large part of the year for him, for better or worse! Last year, Alex came to the Halloween gathering dressed up as an Heating plus A/C repair professional… He went all out, too! Aside from the matching uniform, he had a wound up bundle of refrigerant material hanging from his shoulder, a set of gloves strapped to his belt, an amp meter in his pocket plus a temperature gun in a holster! The best part of his costume was his “character”, as he told all the people at the gathering to change their air filter when they get home! I was in stitches from laughter, because the looks he got from others there were just too much! At one point, I approached Alex plus brought up the costume. “I’m assuming you were able to get your home’s A/C method fixed?” I asked, plus Alex just said “No – all I had to do was update the air filter!” Well, no wonder he was using that as his ice-breaker for the entire party!