I needed a consultant

I have a super large, actually aged house, that is split into a bunch of little areas.  Most of the areas, my family doesn’t even access. All of us only rarely go in them. When all of us first moved in, there was but one central control component to do the temperature of the entire dwelling.  Our ugly energy bills were huge. Living in a section of the country that the weather is dire & continually surprises. It’s not ridiculous to have sizzling, humid temps one night & rapidly decreasing temps under freezing the next day.  All of us are forced to engage either the heater or a/c almost all the time. Various rooms in the giant house tend to heat through from the huge windows & direction they were placed. To cool these spaces, we needed to register a way too cold temperature on the control device.  The a/c would then work a lot & go for many cycles to make the comfort setting in one big room. It was costing me a ton & the rest of the enormous house would be far too chilled. In the Winter season, I had the opposite situation while trying to heat. With the high ceilings of the dwelling, the heat also tends to shoot straight up to the ceilings, making the big old house difficult to make warm.  Plus, my family members shouted about the environment in their little rooms. I eventually consulted with a professional Heating, Ventilation and A/C business. I bought into zoned air conditioning. The HVAC contractor put in a series of channels within the old ducts and controller in the many rooms. All of us now happily make independent temps room by room & the valves modulate the heated & cooled flow.  Not only does this reflect our personal preferences, save dough, & reduce breaking down on the heating & cooling equipment. It’s much more reasonable to have the control equipment at hand. All of us no longer want to shoot through the entire happy house just to reset a silly temperature setting.

HVAC tune-up