I need to talk with my HVAC guy to make sure he is coming to do maintenance

Last week I called my HVAC technician and he told me that he would be coming in a few days because he was very busy.

  • It’s been about two weeks now and my HVAC technician has still not shown up.

It is the middle of the summer and I know a lot of people are calling about their AC units, but I really need to have my air conditioner fixed. I have a pregnant wife and we also have a one year old baby, so we really need to have AC. It can be dangerous where we live in the summer without AC because it gets so hot, so I will be calling my HVAC technician soon. My wife keeps complaining about how hot she is and trying to turn the thermostat down but I keep telling her it won’t make a difference. I feel really bad for my wife because I know it must be hard not to have AC but I am trying everything I can. I have tried to figure out our HVAC system but I was hardly successful. I really never knew how many HVAC parts were in our system until I started researching HVAC equipment. Once I realized how many different HVAC parts I would need to understand I just kept thinking there was no way I could fix the HVAC system. I think I might have to call a new HVAC technician and if you are reading this and your HVAC technician hasn’t answered you have every right to get a new HVAC technician tool.


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