I need that wood burning fireplace

I like going to our cousin’s beautiful cabin for the holidays! There have been years that we haven’t hosted the party at his home, and I have always been extremely resentful for the letdown.

  • We just don’t have the same quality of holiday together if we can’t gather together at my cousin’s and enjoy the beautiful environment that he’s created.

He always has the most positive Attitude and holiday spirit filled get-togethers, and he invites the entire family to his location and sincerely makes the most awesome lunch you could ever imagine. It really is something I look forward to every single year as the holidays approach. Admittedly, I have extra skin in the game because I love his heating source. He has this really nice fireplace in his cabin that Truly adds to the holiday spirit. The fireplace is not 1 of those fake, cheap-looking fireplaces either, and you know when you see it, because the electric fireplaces or the fireplaces with the gas generated flame are easy to spot from a mile away! This is a real authentic fireplace that you need to chop wood for! He consistently has the fireplace decorated with all kinds of Christmas decorations and train sets. Also, he always has the little guys in the family open their beautifully wrapped gifts right in front of the fireplace. It’s really unlike any holiday party that I swear you have ever been to in your whole entire life. I have sincerely tried to recreate the same atmosphere our cousin does. But without a beautiful wood burning fireplace I just can not do it. There is something about that special fireplace.

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