I need someone here

 I was riding the train on my way back home. I wasn’t exactly glad to leave my temporary loft on the beach but good things must end, I have often heard; Usually, I don’t like using public conveyance, even though I must confess that I was enjoying this train ride.After a few pages, I eventually put my book away and closed my eyes, relishing the excellent air quality on board the train.

                I got home shortly before 4 p.m., just in time to catch the manager before he left for the day. I right away broached the subject of our Heating & Air Conditioning proposal which was constantly breaking down, with him The director assured me that the owner of the building would be replacing the old Heating & Air Conditioning unit with an up-to-date unit, within a few weeks. Meanwhile, he assured me, an AC serviceman was supposed to do a thorough tune up on our old unit, before the end of the week; With nothing to do besides accept that, I mounted the stairs to my apartment for, as usual, the lift was broken.

             When I opened my door, the staleness of the air almost knocked me cold. I hurried to open the windows, turning on the ceiling fan as well as Heating & Air Conditioning unit at the same time. I was too sleepy to care the AC air escaping through the windows. I fell into bed, totally sleepy. When I awoke it was dark outside and I was dripping with sweat. For though the ceiling fan was still spinning, clearly, the Heating & Conditioning unit was down again.

            I will have to transfer out of this place before it kills me…  

HVAC unit