I need some more money

I am a professional blogger and I work pretty darn hard at it. I also have my own video series documenting everything from innovative beauty tips to hole in the wall restaurants. I am a unique lady who loves to be out in addition to about all the time! I don’t really spend that much time at home. I also live in a small apartment with the basic necessities. I will say, I did previously insist on finding a locale that was replaced entirely with new materials in addition to that had newer Heating & Air Conditioning. I greatly appreciate my air conditioner, otherwise the heat in addition to humidity truly frizzes my hair, so imagine my dismay when my absolute favorite internet cafe decided to try to save some extra cash by installing a window wall one day! They now keep it open all Summer instead of turning on the central cooling system. I spent almost every afternoon at this cafe blogging until now! I don’t even realize how several coffees I’ve purchased from them! Where is all this money going if not for the Heating & Air Conditioning bills! Don’t they assume that it’s pressing to their customers to be comfortable inside! The worst area of it is, I particularly seem to be the only a single person that cares! There are other people I see correctly at the cafe. I can easily assume their faces. I expected us regulars to stick together on this cooling system debacle! I entirely  mentioned something to the a single chick who I happen see there most often… Just a passing comment about how they’ve recently changed from cooling system. She entirely told me that she liked the flow of natural air better. That was the last straw. I needed to find a new hang-out spot ASAP. Clearly that locale wasn’t right for me.

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