I need either HVAC zone control or I need to ferret proof the whole house

I actually know a lot of people got pets during the lockdown but every one of us made the choice to rescue a ferret instead.

I have always wanted a ferret but I recognize that they need a bunch of attention and I was never home to provide them any.

With the lockdown, I knew I would be working from home for the foreseeable future… Perfect, right? So every one of us decided to make our dwelling ferret proof and then went and picked up our new ferret. We named him Teddy and he is a bunch of fun. However, our Heating and Air Conditioning equipment has not been working properly ever since every one of us brought Tedy home. It is always chilly in the bedrooms and rather sizzling in the living room and kitchen space. I guess this is because every one of us leaves the bedroom doors closed most of the day while Teddy is out of his cage… That doesn’t create very nice air circulation. Because all of the rooms in the property get the same amount of cooled air, the small bedrooms are way too cold and the larger portions of the property are too warm. I managed to learn that you can put up a baby gate to keep ferrets out of rooms and I actually tried that but Teddy just climbed over the baby gates. I’m thinking about getting zone control for the home so every one of us can keep the whole property comfortable. I plan on calling our Heating and Air Conditioning equipment company to get a quote tomorrow. It will be doing that, or I need to ferret proof every single room in the property and I don’t for certain if that is possible.



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