I need a new HVAC unit

After I got our first job when I was in high school, I knew immediately that I wanted to be my own boss. I really hated having somebody who I didn’t really know or respect bossing me around. Working from home has had its highs and lows. Creating and running a business from the ground up can be a challenging endeavor, mostly because every aspect of the business must be run by you. In the office where I do the majority of my work, I have all sorts of neat items. I recently broke my coffee table, so I have been using my mini heating and cooling unit as the stand in for it. My husband kept telling me that’s a really bad idea, but I trusted myself. Unfortunately, this past weekend while I was  working, I bumped the coffee cup with my elbow and it spilled into the mini HVAC unit. This thing was so powerful and cost efficient and I had destroyed it. I could tell that it wasn’t going to turn back on the moment the coffee spilled inside it. It began to make this bizzare buzzing sound as if a hive of bees was trapped inside. I called up the heating and air conditioning people who I had purchased it from and told them what happened. They were sympathetic so they said I could switch the unit out for half the price of my first one. That was a kindness I’m thankful for, and I absolutely learned my lesson about liquids and electronics.

HVAC tune-up