I need a new heater

I care about my spouse, although I am super happy when he goes on hockey trips. When he does a hockey trip I think I am getting a minimum of 3 afternoons alone in my house. I care about being alone and doing my own thing. I usually take this time to do the tasks that my spouse would be miserable with myself and others for doing. I get all the carpets steam cleaned. I will take apart my washing equipment and totally clean it. I also will eat super healthy, make no mess at all and watch any film I want. My favorite though is that I get complete thermostat control. My spouse must run hot, because he always wants the air conditioner on. It is a constant fight between the more than 2 of us on how much A/C can the people I was with and I have in the house. In the summer, he freezes myself and others right out of the house. In the winter, he is not allowed any cooling, although I get restricted heating use. Anytime I dare turn on the heating unit he whines and complains about how sizzling he is. So anytime my spouse leaves, I use this as an opportunity to not be cold! Usually he leaves in the summertime. So the cooling system gets to chop while my spouse is gone. I turn off the A/C and only turn it back on when he is about an hour away from the house. I care about being the right temperature for once and not hearing anybody whine about how sizzling they there. I truthfully could live separate from any cooling.

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