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The people I was with plus myself had been working two different jobs for a long time. The people plus myself had been working editing a newspaper articles online from home, while spending the evenings at a local steakhouse as a dishwasher. The people I was with plus myself absolutely preferred our work during the day, because we could consistently adjust the heating + A/C device, in order to absolutely remain comfortable all day. In our evening task at the steakhouse, the people I was with plus myself did not have the same control over the heating + A/C device. Some nights were a complete nightmare, because the heating + A/C device provided terrible hot + cold cooling inside of that steak house. The people I was with plus myself had to deal with many customer complaints, that always seemed to stem from the uneven hot + cold temperatures inside of the steakhouse. One afternoon a few weeks ago, the outdoor temperatures were absolutely around 90°, plus the people I was with plus myself were absolutely sweating in the back of the steakhouse. It was completely miserable. I decided at that time to walk up to the manager, plus the people put it all out on the line. Either they do something about the heating + A/C device situation, or many of the kitchen staff workers were going to walk out at the same time. The owner of the steak house was left with very little choices, but to contact a local heating + A/C device proprietor + absolutely make an appointment to have tasks done in the steakhouse.

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