I modify ventilation systems for college kids

My friends Chavo got kicked out of college during his second semester.

He was still a freshman, living in the dorm, pulling straight Cs, and one day without warning I saw him getting escorted out by campus security.

I was pretty upset about it, not just because Chavo was a cool guy and my good friend, he was also my pot dealer. Chavo was the pot dealer for the whole form, which is what got him kicked out of school! After a few weeks, we all found a new pot dealer, but everyone was now too scared to smoke in their dorm rooms. That’s what gave me the idea to research ventilation tricks and tips, and to help people get away with smoking inside the building. College kids are going to smoke pot, and this should be considered normal, but they need a good ventilation system so they can get away with it. How stupid is it to take away a young person’s future because they smoked some pot? I view what I do as a public service, and I modify existed HVAC systems to process and disperse pungent smoke so that no one will notice or… or at least not be able to prove anything. I like to take the existing air vents and ductwork, and then add a few small modifications so that exhaled smoke can be pushed out of the building through an exhaust vent. I don’t charge much, because these ventilation jobs require very little effort, and I always walk away with a little free weed.

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