I might set the record for the longest-lasting HVAC unit

I have spent about the same amount of money on repairs

I honestly might set the record for the longest-lasting HVAC unit. Well, I guess that I am a long way off from that record. However, in all seriousness, I am amazed that my central air conditioner is still running after all of these years. I honestly did not expect the central air conditioner to last this long. I do not think that most central air conditioners last this long, and I feel very fortunate to have a central air conditioner that is still running. My central air conditioner was made during a time when companies were worried about creating a good product. Today, most HVAC companies are concerned with a profit. That is why most HVAC companies create HVAC units that break down often. By charging a lot of money for the parts needed to repair the HVAC units, HVAC companies make a lot of money. Also, if you charge the same amount of money for the HVAC units even though they do not last as long, you make a lot more money. Obviously, the central air conditioners that were made a few generations ago were made to last. Otherwise, my central air conditioner would not be working. Some people assume that I must have spent a lot of money on repairs for my air conditioner to keep it running this long, but I honestly haven’t. I have spent about the same amount of money on repairs. My repairs are fewer and less frequent, but the parts are more expensive now since I have an older central air conditioner. Still, the central air conditioner still has a lot of life left in it. Who knows? I might pass the world record in a few years if my central air conditioner continues working.


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