I met the love of my life at a Japanese style tea party

My sister was always really big into Japanese culture.

She actually learned the language at a young age and she studied abroad in Japan when she was in college.

She always would host these Japanese tea parties at our house too. At first I thought the idea of having a tea party was ridiculous, but she did a good job decorating and preparing all of the food, and of course the tea. Surprisingly, the tea was really good. It was some kind of special Japanese tea that was absolutely phenomenal. She also would play this relaxing Japanese music that made you feel in harmony with the world. Also, it helped that we had a ductless mini-split HVAC in our home. In the dining room, she would have the air conditioning system cranked up so that everybody could be nice and comfortable. Also since we had a smart thermostat, if anybody felt uncomfortable, she could easily adjust the temperature control settings quickly with her smartphone. It’s funny because at one of these tea parties, I met one of her college friends who I really hit it off with. I honestly wasn’t expecting to find the love of my life at one of my sister’s tea parties, but that’s how it worked out. This amazing girl and I started talking and it seemed like the tea just made us open up and really express ourselves. I don’t know what’s in that tea, but it’s something mystic like and mysterious. Anyway, me and this girl started dating and we eventually got married! I guess I can thank my sister for hosting these amazing Japanese tea parties.



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