I made some quick choices

My friends and I decided to take a camping trip over the winter months. The winter weather is never too frigid here, so the average hot as well as cold temperatures are usually around 40 or 50 degrees. Just in case the weather was too frigid, the people I was with decided to purchase an oil furnace for the tent; some friends of ours went camping while I was in the last week; their oil furnace actually came in handy. They were going camping too, and suggested we search for an oil furnace on Craigslist. We found hundreds of listings. We narrowed the options and ads so we saw the options for our price range. All of us found a gentleman selling brand new oil furnaces at 77% off retail price. All of us called him to ask a few questions; he told us the amazing low prices. At first, I was hesitant to meet with the guy. The deal seemed entirely shady. All of us decided to meet at an outdoor storage center, so I felt safer. Then when the guy opened his storage component door, I saw hundreds of brand modern part furnaces still in their boxes. The oil furnace was super cheap; I couldn’t say no. As I drove away from the storage unit, I wondered if I had just been involved in the purchasing of stolen property or grand larceny. I didn’t want to turn around and go back, so I took the oil furnace unit home and disposed of the box. I’d like to assume the guy bought a truck of part furnaces at wholesale cost, as well as sold them at rock bottom prices to the public.

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