I made some big decisions

I do my work downtown in a legitimately huge office building. It’s actually one of those that has roughly fifty stories in addition to you have to take a long elevator ride to get to the top floor. I actually work on the 30th floor, in addition to I legitimately adore my task most of the time… There’s a single thing that I don’t adore about my task, though! And that’s the fact that the building has been having all kinds of setbacks with the Heating & A/C appliance lately. Some of the floors in the building are having serious trouble with their A/C appliances in addition to their offices are super hot in addition to stuffy. It makes the air quality in the building plain terrible when the Heating & A/C appliance isn’t running properly. I mean, you aren’t legitimately able to crack the windows open for some fresh air when your office is thirty stories above the ground. They make the windows so they won’t open at all because of safety issues, which I think makes sense. I think that the A/C appliance in our office goes on the blink at least numerous times a month, in addition to of course that ends up with everybody feeling hot in addition to uncomfortable inside the building. A good buddy of mine who works on a different floor told me that his office Heating & A/C appliance situation is even worse than mine, though. Not only is their air conditioner appliance not even working properly, however somehow some wires got crossed in the building’s Heating & A/C appliance in addition to in his office, the heating won’t quit functioning! So not only is it already overheated because of the Summer heat in addition to the lack of A/C, he has double the heating setbacks. I’m legitimately blissful that I don’t have to actually work on his floor. I hope maintenance repairs the A/C appliance soon.

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