I made my appointment

I love my kids, but they can often be a handful.  Sure, dropping them off at school, then picking them up in the afternoons, and taking them to various events can be taxing as a parent.  But I find the planned time commitments to be the easiest ones to handle. It’s the sudden, unplanned events with young children that truly exhaust you as a parent.  You could be set and ready to go to work and receive a call from school saying your son is sick and needs a ride home. Or you could be traveling to a family member’s house and lose three hours on the road because someone ate too much food earlier in the day.  Kids are wild cards, you can’t predict them and their disasters if you try. Now that mine are old enough to understand how the air conditioner works, I often find myself having to tell them to stop messing with the thermostat. They have developed enough to understand how to get the house to feel cooler or warmer, but not old enough to conceptualize how money works and and how it pays for the machine that creates the cool air they feel coming from the vents.  I once came home to my house being 68 degrees in the middle of summer. My machine nearly froze from running so hard for so long. Finally, I opted to buy a plastic box that fits over my thermostat and has a single key hole to swing open the box for access to the control panel. It’s the same exact device you see protecting thermostats in schools, hospitals, and other places were the heating and cooling system needs to be protected from picky hands. Now that I have my thermostat locked up, I no longer have to worry about my AC motor getting fried while I’m away for a few hours because one of my kids is playing with the control panel.

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