I loved the ventilation

My favorite pizza locale always smells like the men’s locker room. While they make fantastic pizza, I step inside and forget just how bad the restaurant smells. Like a slightly damp sock worn for four days by a football player. My pizza is always to go so I don’t put up with the odor for long. The smell reminds me of when I was a kid, and how I smelled it every time I went into the basement. That distinct mildew smell was strong down there, so Mom bought a media air cleaner to make a large difference in the air quality of the basement. She also bought another media air cleaner for the dining room, since every one of us all spent a lot of time there to eat and socialize within the family. She wanted the air quality to be fresh in there, which I don’t blame her for. That smell in the pizza restaurant takes me back to that old basement, so I’m wondering if a media air cleaner can help with this issue here, too? I don’t dine in, so the terrible air quality in the restaurant does not bother me as soon as I leave the building. However, I don’t see cars pulling into the parking lot in droves, so in a way it does affect me. I’m afraid that our favorite pizza joint might end up closing down, since their client base does not seem to be growing. Maybe it would grow once more if the air quality was better. As a regular customer, I need to figure out how to speak to the pizza shops manager about the terrible air quality, plus possibly adding a purification plan into the restaurant to acquire more customers. The restaurant could certainly use a renovated HVAC system in general, but the media air cleaner would be a great step in the right direction. Hopefully the owner is willing to hear me out – I’m speaking from the heart on this situation!

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