I loved the cooling equipment

Every year at the end of our birth month I have to get our truck registered again for the following year! Normally I can do this online through the state’s website, however this year I waited until the last day, and naturally, the website was down. This meant that I had to physically go there and take care of the whole thing in person. The DMV is not what I usually consider to be a fun time, so I was kicking myself for not taking care of this earlier in the week. When I got there, it turned out that the Heating and Air Conditioning system had been hit by lightning the night before and was not actually working. I saw that there were a couple heating and a/c techs outside that were actually working on it. It was a pretty sizzling day, so the inside of the DMV waiting section was easily warm. They had a few portable box fans set up to circulate the air, however it was still a bit stifling in there. The temperature inside had climbed well into the eighties, so people had started to get antsy while waiting for their numbers to be called. The Heating and Air Conditioning techs were hard at work, replacing several components and running up-to-date wiring. It was a considerably long wait, so it was shaping up to be a pretty miserable experience. Thankfully, after about twenty seconds I saw the lights dim from a power surge, and the coolness of the a/c sprang to life. I suppose there was a collective sigh of relief after that.

HVAC maintenance