I loved my sister’s radiant heat

Last week, my sister invited me to lunch.

I was excited to go see her since we didn’t have time to see each other very often.

The second I walked into the house, I knew there was something different. She was smiling and telling me to take off my shoes. This wasn’t anything unusual because she always had everyone take off their shoes when they walked into the house. I noticed that this time, my feet weren’t cold. My feet were warm and cozy and I didn’t have any drafts go around my ankles. I asked her if she got a new heating system and she clapped her hands and told me that it was wonderful. She asked me to guess what kind of heating it was. She couldn’t wait for my answer but she told me it was radiant heated flooring. I was in awe of how lovely it felt in the house. She told me that when her husband asked her what kind of heating system she wanted, she told him radiant heated flooring and he agreed. During lunch, I was asking her questions about how much it cost for radiant heated flooring. I wanted to know how long it took to install the radiant heat and if it was a big mess. I even wanted to know what they did with the old ductwork. I wanted to go home and tell my husband all about the radiant heated flooring. We were planning on installing a new heating system in a year or two and I wanted to be able to tell him about radiant heat because that is what I wanted too.
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