I love this house

The neighborhood all of us live in is a relatively small neighborhood on the outskirts of a larger city.  There are a couple local grocery stores and multiple dollar saver stores, but until recently if all of us wanted anything much more than groceries or basic supplies, we were all forced to venture closer to downtown and go to the mall. That was until last year when they built a new megastore right down the street from us. The megastore has basically anything anyone could want at a fine price, but it’s not always the greatest quality built, but it’s still a bargain typically.  Last month I stopped in for motor oil and they were repairing the air ducts in the automotive section of the store. The whole building has sizable ductwork that connects to the industrial sized heating and cooling system they have. These help circulate the hot or cool air through the inside of the store, depending on what the weather is like outside. While they were doing repairs to the ductwork itself, I got the chance to take a gander at a single piece of the ventilation that they had lying on the floor. I never stopped and thought about the size of the ductwork or vents in large buildings until then, but the grates were at least four times larger than the any of the ones you would expect to find in most houses. They definitely have to be large enough to distribute the amount of air that is pushed out by the massive air conditioning system that keep the store at a comfortable temperature. I guess I’ll never run out of new things to discover in our little town, and I left the store that day with a newfound appreciation for the sheer size and magnitude of the industrial heating and cooling systems in the megastore.

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